Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here's my latest Halloween decoration available at my Etsy store! It's a little mouse dressed up like a vampire. Every inch is hand sewn and the fabric is hand dyed.

This is just a simple paper sign I made by ripping pieces and gluing them back together then antiquing it.
I made the trick or treat bag by cutting a simple cross pattern then gluing up the sides and added handles. The candy corn is actually paper pulp I shaped in the pyramid shape, then covered with a concrete mix I had left from another project.

I put netting material under his tattered cape so he looks like he's flying trough the midnight air! I didn't make the pumpkin, though. I had to use a store bought one because I didn't like the way mine turned out.

To make the base, I used a ribbon spool that I covered with a coordinating upholstery trim. It made the whole piece super steady!

Monday, August 24, 2009

French Villa Miniature House

My latest cottage is this French Villa style with stucco and stone.. Great roof with lots of character.

This house is made entirely of cardboard. The shingles are individually cut, shaped and painted.
I had to move the fireplace to the front of the house. On the real house it is much further back since the house is so deep.
Each window has a frame, molding, sill, and mullion individually applied.
The front door and garage door are also framed. They are built just like the real doors. Layer after layer for great dimension.

The house is covered with concrete mix. The front of the house is sculpted to look like Austin stone
The front door is recessed under a porch. The ceiling of the porch is wood planks just like the real one! is
This is the first house I've had the architect's plans for. It was a wonderful help! Wish more
people had them!

Want to turn your house into a miniature?
Info at:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tudor Mini Cottage House

This is my latest cottage! It's a little Tudor style house. I saw Mel Gibson's cottage online. It looked so charming and welcoming that I decided to do my own version!

This one above is Mel Gibson's. It's really cute!

My version is a little different. I did the stones and bricks out of concrete which I sculpted while wet.
Can't have a cottage without a red rose vine.
I make the little pots myself. They're pretty easy. I just cut a strip of cardboard,glue it, paint it. Then I add the hand dyed paper leaves and flowers one at a time.
Here's the roof. I like layering the colors to give it an old world look. The shingles are also put on one at a time. They look more real that way.