Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ballerina Cottage Custom Electric Dollhouse

Here's Ballerina Cottage Dollhouse!

For the front door I left the little light bulb plain. I tried a little light fixture but there was just something about the light bulb I loved!

 The top window in the roof is a bit angled so that when the house is set on a tabletop you can see directly inside.
All the walls are aged with a little mahogany colored stain. It's the perfect combination of red and black to give that vintage feel.

 On the floor, a forgotten cup of tea, a ballet instructor application, a ballet book and program. I also made a bouquet of a dozen red roses out of paper wrapped in plastic  and pink tissue paper with a note.
These tutu are from the scrapbooking isle. Perfect size.
 The Audrey Hepburn photo is a must for a ballerina!

All the embellishments including these white shabby chic frames are by Melissa Francis. They look like plaster but are actually resin.
 This house is electric. It has a transformer.

 Available at CinderellaMoments or ask for an invoice.

Next is the little craft studio!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ballerina Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Before I update you on Ballerina Cottage I have to say thank you to Deb of Zur Designs for featuring Sprinkled With Love Dollhouse on her blog.
Thanks so much Deb!
 Ballerina Cottage got it's coat of concrete.
I just butter it on...
Then I used a brush with 3 teeth and pulled it through the concrete while it's wet and I get a design.

After all the sides were done I started painting.

I used a golden brown. It's a little bright right now. I will do some aging later on.
Inside, I added some little details.
The dresses are from the scrapbook section in the craft store. I printed out some pictures and photos from the internet using the contact sheet setting on the printer. It shrinks things down to a good size.

I used varnish on the photos for a glossy finish.
I also put this teacup with some old tea and a teabag like the ballerina left it there a couple days ago and hasn't had time to clean it up.  I just used some water based stain and let it dry in there. It kind of looks like chocolate. But I think if you left your teabag in a cup for a couple of days it would look this dark.  There's a ballet book, a ballet program and a ballet instructor application next to the cup. Our ballerina is thinking about teaching ballet!