Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shabby Chic Roses Suitcases

I thought my next dollhouse, which will be a beach house, will need some luggage. This is the kind of shabby chic suitcases I'd love to have for myself.

I made these like little boxes. Very simple out of cardboard. They open because I glued a piece of fabric inside the top and bottom. Then I painted over the entire interior. I painted the roses on the exterior of the luggage and glued on a little piece of white plastic as the handle.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waiting for my Next project to Arrive

I'm waiting for my next project, but in the mean time I worked on some little things. I saw roses wrapped in newspaper in a magazine and I had to make them in mini form.
I used a printable dollhouse newspaper for some and a store bag that's printed with old vintage ads for others. The roses are my handmade from cotton fabric I dyed pink and cream and green for leaves.
I'm sure  they're going to give my houses that romantic touch.
I also tried out a couple of packages.
And hat boxes. I just printed those off the internet. They didn't turn out quite like I wanted.
I added some moss and sea shells to the blue one.
I also found vintage post cards, letters and pictures that I printed out in miniature size. I put some gloss on the photos to make them look more real.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back From The Beach

I took a little trip to Alligator Point, Florida. And I got some great inspiration from the beach house where I stayed .
This is the bay side.
This house was all shabby chic style with loads of antique beach worn furniture and tin tiles!!
A claw foot tub!
Here's the tin tile ceiling. It was a really adorable house. I might just have to do another beach dollhouse next!

Also, I got an email from Blanche who bought the gazebo. She shared these pictures of her incredible set up for her dollhouse.

I love all the room Blanche has for her set up. She's now working on the red barn you see in the first picture. I'm totally jealous of her incredible play room!! It's gorgeous Blanche!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream Cottage Dollhouse

I finished the last details!

This little dollhouse is going to England!

Dream Cottage Dollhouse

I've been working on the Dream Cottage Dollhouse from the Greenleaf Orchid kit.
 Here are some pics of how the construction progressed.

 This house will have a few pieces of furniture. I made this little bed with  a design made from hot glue. When it's painted it looks just like a carved bed.
I made the dollhouse bed  ruffled covers.

I have to finish the dormers with shingles and make some artwork for this house and it'll be all done!