Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Carole Dollhouse: The Red Room

I'm finishing the red room. I did a painted floor, dark wood paneling, cream ceiling trims, gold trims on the walls and ceiling and a little fireplace.
This is what the gold wall and ceiling trim looks like.
The fireplace still needs the finishing touches and decorations.
Here are the rooms side by side.
In the green shop I added decorations on the chandelier and mantle.
Now I need to do the chandelier for the red room and then I'm moving upstairs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Carole Dollhouse: The Shop

I'm almost done with the first room. It's the downstairs room that I'm calling the shop. The room is light green. I painted random shapes in dark green and gold to simulate a Victorian wallpaper. The baseboards and crown moldings are dark brown and glossed. The top also has a lattice trim that I cut out of cardstock and painted gold.
I painted a ceiling medallion gold and highlighted it with red. The chandelier is my own handmade light. I just bent the wire and added a single light in the middle of the chandelier. The candles are actually cut cotton swabs painted gold.
I made red velvet curtains. They are hairsprayed so they stay perfectly in place.In the window, I made a little Christmas scene. There are Christmas trees with snow, Santa's naughty or nice list, a Victorian Santa ornament and a glittered Merry Christmas sign.
I made the fireplace by hand. Santa's clothes and boots are drying there!
I still need to hinge the door in place and add snow and decorations outside and on top of the mantle.
The next room is going to be the red room. The walls are already red and the ceiling cream.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Carole Dollhouse: Stairs

I want a lot of red inside this dollhouse. I started with the stairs. I used a red upholstery fabric as a runner.
First,  I painted the stairs a very dark brown and glossed it. Then I hot glued the runner, making sure it was tight around each step. I started at the bottom and glued one step at a time.
I painted some gold detail on the side and on the railings. Then I looked at it and thought it was missing something.
Runner brackets! I used these gold foil wires that I had removed from ribbon for another project.
I also did one room's wood floor and cut out the carpet for another room. It's back to work on the Christmas Dollhouse!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Folk Art Rabbit Painting

Today, I painted a bunny. This is not my design. I just saw it in a store and thought I could paint it. It was way too small in the store. I had to super size mine to go in the kitchen eating area. This one is 3 feet long.
I'm making another smaller one in a light palette and will put it in my Etsy shop.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Away Too Long!

O.K. I've been away from my blog and blog world way way too long!
I have been working on so many projects that I haven't had any spare time. I have had tons of little glitter house villages to make. The poor Christmas Carole dollhouse has suffered too! She is just sitting there waiting patiently.

I made a couple of rag garlands with little houses.

And a shabby chic one:

And some custom orders including this one for Dee...
And too many others to mention. I won't bore you any more!
As for the Christmas Carole dollhouse, I've only gotten one of the roofs shingled and I started one fireplace. Hopefully, I can find some time to work on it soon!