Friday, March 28, 2014

Hunnibabies' Cottage is Ready

My custom dollhouse Hunnibabies' Cottage is all done. 
This dollhouse is another white cottage- very romantic, very sweet. 
There's a porch swing and a chandelier. 

Plenty of vines on this one too!
Stones carved out of premixed concrete and painted with acrylics.
The switches and batteries are in the chimney.

The underside of the porch is blue just like the traditional old Victorians'.

 The crates are leftover pieces of veneer. I paint them with watered down black paint. It's instant weathered wood!

I am making more furniture with each project. This time I made this shelf and I made a drawer. It's actually not hard to do.Someday I hope to make a complete kitchen. I made the houses from clay.
The owl painting is behind the front door.

 The mantel has a brick interior I made with concrete. Above that is the owners' three dogs I painted(I tried!).
I made the chair. And the curtains in the back are sprayed with hairspray to make them stiff. It's a tip I got from Liberty Biberty that I have used over and over. The rug is thick canvas called book binding. I painted it with acrylics.
That's a cup and saucer I painted. And the little silver object is a whistle. Why a whistle?
Because this house is for a sheriff deputy and a police officer.  This is my first time including a gun.  And of course it had to be super girlie for the new owner. So I painted the handgun pink and put some roses on there too. 
I also painted a police baton.  It has a pink handle with white polka dots and the rest is blue with roses with gold trim. It turned out so cute!  And what's behind there?
It's a rifle!  I also painted it pink with roses. 
The bedroom is upstairs.  It's my little handmade bed.  I also made the little stool in front. And I'm trying to make my own little terracotta pots.  That's on the floor with a bit of moss. I used air dry clay to make them. I just shaped them with the end of  a paint brush.  I also have some on the porch and downstairs.
Here's the bed when I finished it.  I took the photo when the house was still under construction.
Another dollhouse done and ready to go home to its' new owner.  I have plenty more waiting in line though!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hunnibabies' Cottage Dollhouse

It's time to show you my next project: Hunnibabies' Cottage.
Here's the front already covered with vertical siding.
I had forgotten the little front window at the top. So I had to carefully cut it out with a box cutter.
This is the porch floor flipped over so you can see the underside. It will wrap around one side.
The downstairs is almost done. Just missing window trims and the mantel is not yet glued down.
I made a little bed. I used 1/16th bass wood for the head/footboards(about 3 3/8" x 2 1/8"), a square dowel(2 3/4" long) for the legs and a left over piece of wood(2 3/4" x 6 3/4") for the bottom of the bed. 
I sewed the bedding from cotton fabric. The blue fabric I dyed by putting a few drops of blue acrylic paint in water.  I made the roses on the bed out of fabric.
There will be no jumping on the bed in this house!
                     Laughing Happy Cat

Thanks for coming over!  I am feeling much better by the way. I can now walk!  I'm still being very careful.  But I can now get back to my normal speed of making minis. :)  Thanks for all your sweet thoughts, words and kind prayers.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Figaro's Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Here's Figaro's Cottage! It's a sunny little yellow dollhouse.
I made a little bicycle which is now on the front porch.
My sister made those little baguette/breads.
I painted a little metal basket pink with a nest too.

All the furniture and most of the accessories are handmade. 

I'm on another project which I will share up next.