Monday, February 23, 2015

A Place to Create Dollhouse

My new dollhouse is called "A Place to Create." It was commissioned by Deby.
Like the last dollhouse(La Maison de Ville), it's another modified Ballerina Cottage. But this one has a French door.
And this dollhouse is furnished. A workshop/craft room downstairs and a place to relax upstairs. Nothing is glued down. Not even the curtain rods. I just used putty.
The only piece I didn't make here is the chair. But I did paint it and added a cushion.
I love this blue wallpaper! I found it in the scrapbook isle at Hobby Lobby. It's such a great shabby chic backdrop.
I made this large work desk.  It's 6" long with 3 working drawers. That's a little trash can next to the chair.
I made most of the stuff on there. Just not the glass jar or coke bottle.
Deby works with papier mache and also sculpts. So I put some clay, flour and unfinished pieces there.
My little watercolor set was super easy to make. I cut a rectangle piece of clay and pressed the end of a square stick into it to make the indentations where the paint goes. The paintbrush is also made of clay. That little measuring stick was a gift with mini purchases. Came at the perfect time!
I made a shelf to hold crafting supplies. 
And I made a miniature sewing machine! I had not tried before and I didn't think it would work out. But it did! I just cut out the shape in a block of clay. Let the clay dry and sand. Then I cut out a base out of wood and sanded it. Attached with hot glue to the top piece. Paint and gloss. Done!
A cozy bed to rest.  The covers are glued down to give a messy look. Essential for coziness!
Here's the place empty.
Another fun little build done!
Ready for a Gigie update?
Gigie had a cold. I took her to the vet last Friday. She got a shot and eye drops. She never acted like she was sick. But her left eye was watery. So I took her in just to make sure nothing serious was going on. She's fine! :)
Of course she's taken to sleeping in my all white, Pottery Barn linen bedding. LOL! The girl's got taste!
Thank you for dropping by!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

La Maison de Ville Dollhouse

I built a little cottage called La Maison de Ville . It's adapted from the Ballerina Studio.  This was a commission from Stephanie.
This one is a cream color.  Ballerina Studio was more on the yellowish side.
This one has a full upstairs as well.
The door is a bluish gray color.
This house is 19 3/4"(50.16cm) tall x 12 3/4"(32.38) deep x 11 1/2"(29.21cm) across.
I love this side of the house. There is something so country and charming about it.
I trim all my windows with Popsicle sticks.
Stephanie wants the interior all white and ready for her personal touch. The interior rooms are 8"(20.32cm) tall x 11"(27.94cm) across x 10 1/8"(25.71cm) deep.
I decided that ladder stairs were the best option for this house. They can be easily removed to work on the wall treatment in the back.
With 3 windows, the upstairs is nice and bright!
The battery and switch are in the chimney.
This photo reminds me of a Paris roof.
Thanks for coming over and visiting La Maison de Ville!
I'm working on my next book on building a french mansard dollhouse. So far I have the house cut out. It goes very slow. My objective is to make sure things stay clear, simple and easy to understand. I hope you are all having fun too!
And here's a photo of Gigie my baby Ragdoll!
Photo by Sophie Dupuis
She turned 3 months on the 6th. She is completely potty trained! I wasn't sure the first few days I had her. I kept looking to see if I saw anything in her litter pan. At first she didn't do much. So I was thinking she was using a secret spot. But no. She is such a good girl. I have never had a cat that loves kisses and hugs before.She is quite independent. But she still makes time for cuddling. Thank you for all the sweet comments about her. I'm so surprised so many of you know ragdolls. I had never heard of them before.
This is the good part of life! I'm glad God brought her into my life. I hope all of you have good things happening as well. If not, just know great things are coming. So hold on a just bit more. ♥

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gigie - My New Baby Kitten!

This is Gigie! Isn't it Anne of Green Gables who says a name is more romantic with an "e" at the end of it?
My new baby Kitten.  I went to pick her up in the country Sunday.  The breed is called Ragdoll.  She's super gentle, calm and very loving. It's like having a little lap dog. She's a teeny weeny little baby. She'll be 3 months old in 2 days.
She's a super napper just like Lizzie(my Yorkie).  Right now they are both sleeping the afternoon away. In different beds though.
Lizzie has no interest in cats. They've had a couple of nose sniffings. But that's the extent of it.
My sister posted a video of Gigie on YouTube.