Wednesday, August 18, 2021

By the Bay- a Nantucket Retreat Commissioned Dollhouse

 My newly finished piece is a commission for Kee. It's a Nantucket style home. 1/12 scale.  

This house is 20" x 18 1/2" x 19 1/2" tall.
All the greenery and flowers are from Hobby Lobby. Check my 'resources' page. 

The path is sand you can find in the candle filler section at craft stores.  I use white glue on the path and sprinkle the sand over. Push down to make sure the sand makes contact with the glue and let dry. Then tap off the excess.

There are 2 switches hidden in the chimney. One for the lights and one for the fire. 
Inside had to exude that old vintage Nantucket style. So we laid shiplap every which way. It makes for a very cozy look even though it's an all white palette. 

The little entry light is a nautical nod.  It came from the jewellery section at Hobby Lobby. 

This is not my usual fireplace style. But once in place it looked quite fitting.  I can imagine Kee decorating it for Fall and Christmas!

This house is sold, but if you would like your own dollhouse commissioned contact me.  email: or on Etsy
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