Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunny Side Up Dollhouse

Sunny Side Up dollhouse is coming along nicely.
The exterior is still the same.
Inside the arch doorway is the porch. The brick floor is done and so are the paneled walls.
Inside, the wood floors are done.
 This wall at the entry already has plaster. This is where the stairs will go.
This is the kitchen. One wall is plaster and the other 2 walls have wallpaper(I got it in the scrapbook paper section of the craft store).
I made a mantel. It's not glued in place yet. But I need it to see where the baseboards will go.
I also started making my furniture and accessories. I'm trying to stay within my very happy theme!  So this one will have lots of bright, fun colors with bright whites. It should look really Spring like.

On my bed I put a little doll I made out of paper clay.  The colors of the bed are a very bright spring green and pure pink.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sunny Side Up Dollhouse- Beginning

I've started a new dollhouse. I call it "Sunny Side Up."
I put the walls and floor together.  The floor is 2" off the ground.This house is 18 1/4" wide x 14" x 19" tall for now.
I'm still missing the porch walls and an interior wall for downstairs.  There will be stairs too.
The upstairs will come after I finish most of the work on the downstairs. I just wanted to show you that even my creations don't look like much when I start! 
See you soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

La Vie En Rose Custom Dollhouse

Here is my first dollhouse of 2017! I call it La Vie En Rose custom dollhouse. It's a peachy pink color. It's not showing up very well in most of the photos. 

 It's a very soft peach pink. That's why the camera has such a tough time capturing this delicate color.
 The exterior is plaster and concrete. I wanted very smooth walls. The plaster is the way to go to achieve perfect walls. All the links to the products I use are on my "resources" page.
This house is 22" tall x 12 1/2" deep x 12 3/4" across. Interior downstairs space is 10" front to back x 12" side to side and  8 1/2" tall. Upstairs is 9 3/4" front to back x 12" sided to side x 8 1/4" tall.
The door is grey with gold trim.
 There's a light under the porch. A little jewelry end cap is used to make it pretty.

On the rail, I tried Elizabeth's of http://studioeminiatures.blogspot.com/ technique. I used paint, glue and cinnamon. She is a master of finishes. And she lets you in on all her secrets!

 The push switch and battery for all 3 of the lLED lights are in the chimney. 

 This house is unfurnished. I decided to let the future owner have all the fun. Can you imagine the possibilities! But I have refrained! LOL!
 I used my hot glue "tin" tile technique for the ceiling.
 The ladder is not glued in place.

 I found the chinoiserie paper while doing a google search of wallpaper. It was a pretty small sample photo. But I was able to paste enough together on my Paint program to get a nice surface area.

This house is available on Etsy. Thanks for coming by and looking! 
I hope 2017 has started out as a marvelous year for everyone. I have been having the best time so far.
big hugs♥,