Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Butterfly Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Butterfly Cottage Dollhouse is ready to go!
 It was a lot of fun to fill up with details.
There are lots of butterflies outside.
A pumpkin waits for the fairy Godmother.
I put the switch and battery under the eave of the roof this time.

I added a little fabric flag.
The interior was fun to do.
I left the chest unfinished. When I put it in the house in looked right.
I made this bed myself and painted it with roses and birds.  I also painted a blue and pink rug with roses, macarons and the name "Laduree" in gold.
The bedding is very cozy, comfy and plush. The sheets and pillow case are by Debbie Booth the owner of Debbie's Designs/DebbieCalif on Etsy.  You will love her shop. It's filled with very romantic an necessary mini items.
I made the pink/darker pink duvet from cotton fabric.
The frame is by Melissa Francis.
I made the chair from the templates I found from The House of Miniatures. I printed out the sheet showing the pieces of the chair and cut everything out of wood, cardboard and foam. Here's the link:

 The footstool is just a wood circle and 4 legs. I painted it brown and golden brown with roses on top.
I made the table from a unfinished candle holder and added a round top that I painted silver. It's very Restoration Hardware. 
 The upstairs loft has a little desk I painted white and added roses to the drawer and aged the whole thing.
 I hope you enjoyed this little hang out.  This dollhouse is available on Etsy.
Thanks for coming over!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Butterfly Cottage Dollhouse

Butterfly Cottage is coming along like I planned.  The interior is rustic like a tree house or club house with many old boards.  They are actually craft sticks- jumbo and regular. I then aged them with a mix of black, brown and mostly water. It makes an aging wash that does not cover the wood grain.
One wall is covered with layers of "old" wallpaper.
After picking out pieces of wallpaper, I painted the entire wall with white glue. I put on my first piece and waited a few seconds for it to get wet from the glue. Then I moved it around until I had some wrinkles. I also scratched some places with my nail to make rips.
I kept repeating the same thing with each layer.  I didn't stay true to the layers though. You could get technical and make sure the layers position corresponds to each other like they were layered on over time. I didn't bother.
Here it is all done. Then I glued the wall in place.
I'm also making a few pieces of furniture. 
I made this bed to look a little like Italian Tole beds except mine is wood. Till next time! Thanks for coming over! hugs♥

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Butterfly Cottage...the beginning.

I'm working on a new project. This one is called Butterfly Cottage dollhouse. 

I am using the same plan of action as with the Shabby Chic/ Streamside Studio dollhouses. I only changed the shape of 2 windows in the front wall, the wall with the 3 windows will only have one window now,  and the loft will be in a different place. Other than that it's the same plan.
I used the Primrose addition kit, cut out all my new windows and the back wall for support and put it all together. 
To put a house together, first I use hot glue to hold it together. Then I go back over all the seams with wood glue. Later I caulk all the seams.  I glue on the front wall to the floor piece, then the back wall and then the two side walls... that way everything stays nice and straight.
I haven't glued the wall with the 1 window(right wall) yet. I'm going to wallpaper this wall. It will be much easier to do if it's not in place.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cozy Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Cozy Cottage is done!  It's very much inspired by the Witch's Cottage in Beverly Hills. 

This house it was the roof that was the challenge. It's the lumpiest roof yet! It turned out so fairytale like.

It's in my Etsy Shop!