Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Half Scale Custom Dollhouse: La Maison de Campagne

I don't do many half scale(1/24) dollhouses. But a commission request came in from Don to turn La Maison de Campagne into a smaller version and I decided to give it a go!
Something I like to do is get purchased elements to keep me in scale. For this project it was the staircase and door frame. This is a great tip for any scale. Buy a door or a window. Just something that will remind you of the scale you should keep while building your custom house.
 This dollhouse came out to 9 1/2" across x 11 1/2" tall x 10" deep.

I chose to put the battery and switches under the house since the chimneys are so small.

 For this project, I used Pico LED lights and fire kits I got here:  https://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/fire-led.html
These Pico lights are very good. It's remarkable how much light comes out of something so tiny!

Thanks for coming over!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Eliz Cottage Custom Dollhouse

My latest commission was a custom dollhouse for Eliz in Australia.  She wanted a mix of old world cottage style with a fresh clean look to it.
The house is 20 3/4" tall x 16 1/4" deep x 13" across.
The door is a soft ballet pink with gold accents and there's a porch light too.
The roof is very light greys mixed with white. And this house has a deck in the front.

The exterior walls have a smooth plaster finish in white.

The interior is very simple. This is where Eliz can let her imagination run wild.

It does have an air of sophisticated elegance.
That's Eliz Cottage! The next commission is a half scale of a previous house.  I'll let you know how that one turns out in the next post! Have a great time creating your mini worlds!