Sunday, March 28, 2021

Quatre Vents Cottage Custom Dollhouse

 Back again with a new dollhouse! This one is called Quatre Vents (4 winds) Cottage.  It's a 1/12 scale.

This house is 14 3/4" deep x 12 1/4" across x 15 1/2" tall.  
Inside is 14" tall x 10" across x 11" deep.

The picture above shows the switch for the 2 lights. The battery is also in the chimney. 

The vines and flowers have been linked on my resources page on the tabs above.

If you are interested in purchasing Quatre Vents Cottage dollhouse head over to my Etsy shop:
Thanks for the visit!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Maison de Printemps Custom Dollhouse

 Continuing with my French theme lately, Maison de Printemps is ready!

This house has grand floor to ceiling windows. I think that is the essential detail in French design. 
I used that traditional grey color to make the door pop against an all white interior and exterior.
This house is measures 16 3/4" tall x 12" across x 16" deep.
I added a Melissa Francis embellishment to the door. I made the door knob using a wood bead I painted with white nail polish. Looks just like porcelaine!

I was originally planning to put a little window on the roof. But I decided to change things up and us another Melissa Francis embellishment.

My most popular question is where are those vines from- they are Hobby Lobby's Baby's Breath Garland:
The flowers too come from Hobby Lobby:
I always hide the switches and batteries in the chimney. All the products I use are listed on my "Resources" page at the top of this blog.
The interior is definitely a wedding cake!

I hope you enjoyed your visit.  As always the house is listed in my Etsy shop.

Thanks so much for coming by!