Friday, September 30, 2011

Primitive Style Saltbox Farmhouse with Chicken Coop

The Primitive Style Pumpkin Saltbox Farmhouse with Chicken Coop is done. This is a completely custom, one of a kind, signed dollhouse.
I changed the front door! It used to be purple. But I think this cream color is much softer.

I also painted in the top window panes with a stained glass look.
 Above the door hangs the worn farm fresh eggs sign.

I made this flower box with left over pieces of wood. It's painted taupe and filled with moss and red flowers.
The chicken coop screen door.
This is the chicken coop side. I added a few rusted tin stars on a rusted wire. I found these at Hobby Lobby.  It's a little garland for a tiny Christmas tree.
The view through the screen of the chicken coop.
The roof is aged brown and I added deep blue shingles here and there.

And here is the interior. It has aged yellow pinewood plank floors with a little braided rug.   The ceiling has an unfinished color wood slat ceiling. One wall is bricks, hand sculpted. The other wall is plaster sculpted as wainscoting. The other two walls are plaster painted in a golden butter color.
I put the bottle brush tree near the window. It has graduated colors from orange to yellow and is covered in glitter.
I made this chandelier from wire, beads and finished it with moss and red flowers.
I put in my little fireplace mantle and accessories including the cake with bunting, little saltbox paper house and had painted picture of a primitive agricultural scene. Very Americana!
I painted this bench chair to look rustic with another little scene in the heart.
This dollhouse is still available for $375 + $25 USPS parcel shipping(insurance included) and will be listed in my Etsy shop next week. If you would like to reserve it or purchase it  just send me a note at
Layaway is available. Payments accepted are checks and PayPal.
This house is 14" across x 13" deep x 15 3/4" tall. The interior is 13 1/4" across x 11 1/4" deep x 14" tall.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Featured

This blog has been featured as a Best of the Web: Be @ Home on the Pocket Change website! I'm so excited!!
This is a fun website. They have this new feature called Tip Center where you can get tips on everything from gifts to baking.
I hope you'll go check it out.
Thanks for this honor Pocket Change!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primitive Style Farmhouse with Chicken Coop

I attached the chicken coop.
Living with chicken would be different! But I'm sure many people out there are doing just that. Some of us have dogs, some of us have chicken. LOL!
I've done the wood floors as yellow pine with 2 coats of varnish for a nice shine.
I painted the house a dark pumpkin color with cream trim. The door is many layers of paints from taupe to light purple to dark purple and then varnished. It has a little pineapple in the bottom panel.  The windows are all trimmed out with popsicle sticks cut into thin strippes to make window panes.
The siding is cardboard with the top layer ripped off exposing those wonderful ridges. Under the siding I put a layer of concrete. I need to make this another indestructible dollhouse for the post office!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Primitive Style Pumpkin Saltbox with Chicken Coop Dollhouse

I went to a little primitive style store over the weekend. The inside had one wall of brown bricks, one wall of wainscoting.  And the floor was yellow pine. So I decided to try it out in this house.
I tried out some of the accessories. Couldn't resist!  I bought that bottle brush tree and rug at the Prim store. I made the rest.  I think this works. So tomorrow I start the outside of the house.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Primitive Style Pumpkin Saltbox with Chicken Coop Dollhouse

Today I worked on the little chicken coop part of this primitive style house. It's going to be attached to the side of the house.
I made a shelf with partitions and a pitched roof. It has a perch running the length of it. I started putting a couple of eggs and straw.
This is the house so far. I cut out a doorway and a couple of windows for the front.
This is the side where the coop will be attached. I guess the chicken will get to roam freely in the house! I just can't see any other way to be able to access the coop. I'll have to see how that looks when I get a little further along.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Next!

I added some vines to Susan's Shabby Chic Retreat.

Then I thought I would take a couple weeks off dollhouses.... until this idea came to me 5 minutes later!
I have this little fireplace, painting and accessories ready to go into a house. They are primitive style.
I made the fireplace from my scrap wood pile. I painted it gray and then layered with brown and red. The rusted garland with the hearts is just twisted wire painted with mustard colored paints. I painted the picture with a primitive landscape. The little red house is made of cardboard. I stacked these slices of stick and put some flowers on top. Made the cake with paper clay topped with joint compound icing. Yum! And filled the inside of the fireplace with moss, a bundle of sticks, a pumpkin, tiny pine cone and red flowers.
 I just finished this black chandelier.
And I made this little sign. This was just a piece of discarded dollhouse bit. It was pealing all by itself. Ready to go and already aged!  I could just see it had to become a sign!
For the house I'm seeing a pumpkin colored little house with a chicken coop attached to the side. I don't remember who suggested a chicken coop to me. Was it you Magoo(LimeandLace) or Rosemary (Ozmaofodds)? It's been in my head all this time. And I'm finally going to try it.