Thursday, August 24, 2017

Petit Bonheur Custom Dollhouse

I loved "In Tatters" dollhouse so much I decided to do another design very similar but bigger. This one is called "Petit Bonheur" custom dollhouse.
The house has many different types of finishes on the exterior. There's siding, plaster, concrete, bricks, stone, gravel, grass. All these textures make for a very inviting and cozy look. When you do your dollhouse don't stick with just one type of exterior covering. It can look too bland and sterile.
 Between the stones there's moss to soften the hard look of rocks.
 I love 'X' shapes in windows. I think it's very cottage. This is all done with Popsicle sticks cut lengthwise.
 The roofs have different coverings too. There's "metal" and shingles.
 And the shingles are also different colors. Here they are gray, blue/gray and dark gray.
 The path is candle sand glued down with regular white glue.
 There's actually plenty of room for a garden chair and little table on the grass.

 This house is  20" tall x 19 1/4" across x  15 3/4" deep.
 The whole house is aged with brown ink pads. It gives a vintage look to the structure and also accentuates the details.
 Most of the materials I use are listed in the resources section at the top of this page.

The house lights and fireplace are run by battery and 2 switches hidden in the chimney.

 This little bump out area is perfect for a dining room, an art studio or a planting area. Could you imagine it full of potted plants.😉
 My "tin" ceiling aged to perfection.
 he floor has a rustic white and gray wash.
 This house has 3 crystal chandeliers, each covered with my signature roses.
 I made the fireplace from bass wood. And I put lattice design 3D paper inside.

This is the entry vaulted ceiling with a light fixture.
 This house has a full size upstairs.
 Beams galore in the whole house!
The view from the top of the stairs.
Love this style of house. Are you ready to move in?  It's available I my Etsy shop. 
But of course, I'm already working on the next one. No dallying around here! 💗💗💗

Monday, August 14, 2017

Carriage House Custom Dollhouse

Carriage House is one of my French style little cottage with that flat topped roof and mismatched dormers. This one is the perfect backdrop for shabby chic furnishings.
 This house is 19 7/8" tall x 15" deep x 12 3/4" across. Interior downstairs space is 13" front to back x 11 1/2" side to side and  8 3/4" tall. Upstairs is 11" front to back x 11 1/2" sided to side x 8" tall.
 I Made the doorknob with a bead I covered with white nail polish. It looks like a porcelain knob.

As with most houses I have the battery and switch in the chimney.

 Doing that beam at the top was ridiculously challenging...LOL! But it looks great. So well worth the pain.

I try to list most of the materials I use on my 'resources' page. Also check out the tutorial page for info.  If you see anything missing and you want to know the answer- ask! I'll do my best to help you out.
Now that this project is done, I'm diving into another house. This one will be like the last house I did- In Tatters- except I'm going to try a full size upstairs.