Tuesday, May 26, 2015

American Miniaturist Cover

I was so surprised to see one of my little dollhouse bicycle scenes on the cover of the June issue of American Miniaturist.  
Thank you Auralea Krieger (Editor - American Miniaturist & Dollhouse Miniatures) for writing such a wonderful article to go along with the photos of my mini bikes! It's such a great honor to be part of this incredible magazine!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Week at the Beach!

It was vacation time. And My family and I went to the beach in north Florida.
There were plenty of dolphins.
All gorgeous weather. Even the clouds that were off in the distance stayed away. 

 Guess who also came to the beach.....
It's Gigie!  She's now 6 months old. I got her used to the car right away. And kept taking her places a few times a week to make sure she would remember. She also loves this rolling pet carrier. It's a home for her and she feels safe in it.  
Wait a minute.... what is this? 
A litter box as far as the eye can see! 
Oooooh! And it smells like fish dinner too!  Gigie loved the beach. She was very relaxed and even lying down taking it all in.  She's a very laid back cat.  And she behaved so perfectly on this trip. She's a pro! 
Back home and all tuckered out! 
 Lizzie had a blast. She's a total beach bum!
 And napping on the beach is the best!
That was my vacation. Now back to work on all those dollhouses! I hope you all had a wonderful week!