Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope 2013 is filled with many minis, health, love, and wealth for all of you. All my best wishes to each and everyone. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Onto Anthropologie Dollhouse!

This is the new project! Anthropologie Dollhouse.
 I just got back from the beach just itching to work on this house.
 It was Christmas at the beach for me and Lizzie.
Lizzie had plenty of fun digging in the sand!

Now back to my new project.  I'm doing an  Anthropologie inspired dollhouse. Anthropologie, for those of you not familiar with it, is a very eclectic, romantic and artsy store.  They are renowned for their fantastic display windows. Google Anthropologie and you'll see exactly what I mean.
I'm so happy with how the interior is turning out! It's one of those projects that I just couldn't wait to do the inside first.
My first idea was a wall of book pages.  I just wait online and found a few different images of script.  It doesn't matter what they say. You won't be able to make out the writing.  Then I used to get different tints and aged finishes on each page. I wet the edges of each sheet by dipping my finger in water. Then applied a little glue to the middle of the page and started my wall.
The little shelf is leftover wood and a tiny bit of trim. I then used hot glue to make a 3D design. I saw all this on this site:
My next idea was this bird wall.  I started off with scrapbook paper bits all in the same tones: cream, white, gray, light mint, light robin egg blue. They're all textured differently.  Then I wanted to include birds. So I made each little bird a little nest inside of a drawer.
The drawers are just wood pieces I had left over. I glued 4 sides to a bottom piece. The drawer pull is a bead of hot glue.

This bird is on the top window ledge.
This is how it looks from outside. Too sweet right?
I had to have a jar chandelier! So I made this one. I kept it uncluttered and more modern by lining the jars up in a row.  Only 3 jars have a light. I want the light to be soft. If they all had a bulb it would be way too bright!
I decided to cover the ceiling with narrow planks(Popsicle sticks).
 I added a little color to the ceiling. This is a mix of brown, a little black and a lot of water.  The grain of the wood shows through because the mixture is so thin. The look you get is  an aged barn wood.

The floor is wide wood planks(large tongue depressors/craft sticks).
 Come back to see how it turns out.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has an incredible Christmas filled with happiness, good company and yummy food.  I know you have all been good(Santa told me) and that you'll wake up to find your stockings filled with miniature goodies.  Have a great time!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Garden Hideaway Dollhouse

Time for a little distraction! I made another tiny hiding place. You know that type of little shed you could run off to and write, create or just dream.
This is the "Garden Hideaway".  It's small at 15 1/4" tall x 11" across x 7 1/4" deep.  This little house is green with cream borders and trims. My inspiration for this one came from Gina Galvin's Design Bloggatorium for Peacock Park.  This little shed appeared in Wild Winter.  This site is enchanting and full of great design!
 There's a porch light and a purple chandelier inside.  Both LEDs powered by battery(see my new resources page for where to buy).
 The wreath is just moss covered wire. I used coarse white sand for the gravel path. 
 There's a strawberry crate waiting at the door.  The log rounds are cut sticks(Walmart find).

 The mushrooms were made by Serenity Mosaics. 
On one side of the door, I hung 2 Melissa Frances shabby chic frames.
I used purple heather and vines from Hobby Lobby. The porch shingles and side addition roof shingles are all left-overs from different projects.
 This cupola hides the battery and switch.   To dress it up I used corrugated cardboard for the sides and 3D paper on the roof and also the main roof ridge. This paper is in the scrapbook isle of your craft store.
Just lift the cupola and you can access all the wires, switch and battery.

I put little butterflies all over.  A fun little whimsy I saw on somebody's blog. I don't remember who's. Sorry whoever you are. You are brilliant!
The little garden's dirt is ground coffee. Something else I saw in blogland.
 I covered the whole exterior with a layer of premixed concrete for strength. Then I applied corrugated cardboard(box) to the wet concrete.  The concrete acts as the glue. The house becomes a really sturdy structure.

A little nest tucked in between the two roofs.

 A little place to sit. The interior walls are gray. The floor is aged white.
 The curtain is pink tulle.

 I draped burlap on the ceiling. I had to have burlap somewhere!

 A purple chandelier is totally irresistible!
 This pillow is actually just an embroidered inchie. 1" X 1" with embroidery floss on a single layer of felt.

I've made some changes to my site too! I'm adding pages to this site.
And I've added my picture! So now you can see what I look like. I know it's been driving some of you crazy. So here I am with Lizzie at the top of the page.