Sunday, March 25, 2018

Somewhere in France Custom Dollhouse Update

We've been working on the downstairs of "Somewhere in France."
The look is super vintage.

 This is the entry hall. The stairs will be here.
 The side door is to the kitchen.

 This is the way into the kitchen.

 The stone floor is actually small pieces of wood with a bit of gloss to give it a honed look.
Next we're moving upstairs!  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Somewhere in France Custom Dollhouse

This commissioned dollhouse is "Somewhere in France." Sharon asked for a big house to showcase her minis with deep rooms. The original house is here:
This house is 23 1/2"across  x 20" deep so far. It looks smaller on pictures for sure!

It will have a living room, kitchen, entrance hall, bedroom, upstairs hall, bathroom and a huge attic.

I'm trying to stay within certain dimensions to ship. Thanks for coming to check out the very beginning of this house!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Pocket Full of Wishes A Basket Full of Fishes Custom Dollhouse

Here is A Pocket Full of Wishes A Basket Full of Fishes Custom Dollhouse all done.
 The design is the same as the Shabby Chic Dollhouse. I just changed the porch and added a bump out. Inside the loft is now a full story.

 I actually found this adorable trim for the porch at Hobby Lobby. It's in the dollhouse section.

 The little flower above the window is in the wood craft section. You get a few of them per bag.  They work great. Just the right size.
This time to make the bricks we used plaster. Out next house needs bricks and we wanted to see how they looked in plaster instead of concrete. They look very neat and tidy. Easy Peasy!

There it is! It's Marsha's house of Tumble Fish Studios. I'm sure she will turn it into a magical place.
Thanks for visiting. The next dollhouse, also commissioned, is a little bigger than my usual houses. Until next time!