Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Sweet Life Custom Dollhouse

I wanted The Sweet Life dollhouse to be a super cozy place with lots of vintage charm. 
To welcome you home, I made a little front yard. This house is 18 1/2" tall x 15" wide x 14" deep.
I made little pavers out of concrete. Use water to dip your knife or spatula to shape your stone. It will help things not stick. Same principle as icing. You can find all the materials I use on the 'resources' page.

It's hard to see in the photo, but that's a crystal in the door knob.

I used real chalkboard.  This is a paper from the scrapbook section that has chalkboard finish. You can find the links to all the vines and other vegetation on my 'resources' page. I just cut everything into little bits to look to scale.
As always, I hide the battery and switch inside the chimney.

These shingles are from Hobby Lobby. They get dunked in a little bath of paint and water, glued on to the roof, and then white is applied for that extra bit of charm with a dry brush technique. I never use measurements or grids to put my shingles on. It's all done by eye. If you measure you will get a very sterile look.
Come on in!  I made the wreath with moss and the Heather flocked flowers.  The door has stained 'glass' done with a product called Gallery Glass(Hobby Lobby).
Inside, I made 2 crystal chandeliers, a lace armchair with matching footstool, a mantel, hutch, table, bed, bedside table, artwork, rugs and curtains.  The chairs are from Hobby Lobby. I painted and aged them and added lace cushions.  That little hutch is also from Hobby Lobby. With paint it looks wonderful. I added all the little accessories that I made myself.
I did the ceiling using my hot glue technique.
You draw a pattern on cardboard. Outline everything with hot glue. I use a professional glue gun because it gets hotter.  Then cover with a thick layer or two of paint and age with ink pads.
 I used stair spindles to make the legs of the table.  To age it, I used ink pads.
 I found the tiny sand dollar on the beach in Florida. I got the wallpaper off the internet. Just type in what you are looking for. For this one I typed purple floral wallpaper. Then find a site that shows enough of the pattern so you can easily match it up on the wall.
 I think the entry looks very vintage!  I used ridged corrugated paper used for scrapbooking.  This one was from Michael's craft store. All the curtains get sprayed with hairspray while pinned into position on a piece of cardboard. Allow to dry completely(or use a hairdrier). Then you can remove the pins and the little folds stay in place.
I found tiny little teal roses(they're beads) that I used as candleholders for my chandelier.

The loft is a little bedroom with oodles of pillows on the messy bed.

Thank you so much for coming by and taking the time to visit The sweet Life. I appreciate you!!
This cottage is available in my Etsy shop :